Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How much to spend on a diamond

Have you ever wanted to learn about diamonds fast and easy?

Well by now you know the hype of the 4c’s. Things like Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat are surely all important however what really matters is you. We have found that most people are trying so hard to not get overcharged for their diamond because they feel they are naïve.
Unfortunately, the one truth is that the more you study, the more you try to learn the more you will likely spend. Think about it this way, if you were in the market for a nice looking automobile you might start by reading or browsing some magazines and websites. Sometimes you will start reading and thinking more than you should about the transmission rotations, the comparing of injection systems or the type of floor mats the car has. Where most people get bogged down is when focusing so much that they start believing hype or marketing of the sexy girl in the advertisement and thinking that car must be worth more money? The same is true of a diamond!
A diamond is a rock found in the planet earth. If you are seeking a nice shiny near white diamond then search within your budget you will be happy with what you get. If you start looking for scratches, trying to find a hint of yellow, or a hundredth of a carat off the appraisal the bad news is seek and you shall find.
Lets take this from another vantage, you open the box of your new diamond you love it so so much, not only do you love it you are so excited you bring it to your local loved jeweler…keep in mind you did not buy from him. That being said, he then shows you and points out every little flaw and tells you it is less valuable. You in turn feel bad and think you should have spent more money. Remember you bought the diamond for yourself. Your joy, your happiness and nobody elses. That’s the secret.
When buying a diamond on line seek out a reputable seller, a good price that you can afford, don’t dream about your so called investment. It is unlikely you will ever make money with a diamond and accept it is simply a symbol of commitment and joy. Buy with your head and not over it, have you ever met someone who regretted meeting their own budget?

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