Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How much to spend on a diamond

Have you ever wanted to learn about diamonds fast and easy?

Well by now you know the hype of the 4c’s. Things like Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat are surely all important however what really matters is you. We have found that most people are trying so hard to not get overcharged for their diamond because they feel they are na├»ve.
Unfortunately, the one truth is that the more you study, the more you try to learn the more you will likely spend. Think about it this way, if you were in the market for a nice looking automobile you might start by reading or browsing some magazines and websites. Sometimes you will start reading and thinking more than you should about the transmission rotations, the comparing of injection systems or the type of floor mats the car has. Where most people get bogged down is when focusing so much that they start believing hype or marketing of the sexy girl in the advertisement and thinking that car must be worth more money? The same is true of a diamond!
A diamond is a rock found in the planet earth. If you are seeking a nice shiny near white diamond then search within your budget you will be happy with what you get. If you start looking for scratches, trying to find a hint of yellow, or a hundredth of a carat off the appraisal the bad news is seek and you shall find.
Lets take this from another vantage, you open the box of your new diamond you love it so so much, not only do you love it you are so excited you bring it to your local loved jeweler…keep in mind you did not buy from him. That being said, he then shows you and points out every little flaw and tells you it is less valuable. You in turn feel bad and think you should have spent more money. Remember you bought the diamond for yourself. Your joy, your happiness and nobody elses. That’s the secret.
When buying a diamond on line seek out a reputable seller, a good price that you can afford, don’t dream about your so called investment. It is unlikely you will ever make money with a diamond and accept it is simply a symbol of commitment and joy. Buy with your head and not over it, have you ever met someone who regretted meeting their own budget?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Engagement Rings and where to ffind cheap

The producers of The Big Idea show when it comes to Diamonds they make sure they are looking at a real company and much effort goes on both sides. So yes you get real diamonds for less. This video clip is the best endorsement.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer Time is the best time to buy a diamond Tips for the rest of us


Did you know that summertime was the best time to buy a diamond? The reason is that all year long there are plenty of holidays like Christmas, Mothers Day, Valentines Day. But the summertime is extremely quiet and Diamond Sellers are looking for business. So we slash our pricing as low as possible with the best value you can get.

If you are shopping or looking for a fasion item that will bring you plent of joy a diamond hits the spot the taste of luxury, and a real item that draws attention. It's the detail that all women should and must have because its not only a status symbol its an accent that is timeless.

For decades diamonds have been only the wealthy, but if you visit you can find yourself an affordable diamond for sure!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Diamond Sales

Did you know summertime is considered the diamond industry best time to buy an Engagement Ring?  That’s because most people are on vacation or traveling so sellers list items for their lowest prices to attract business.

Real Diamond Engagement Rings how to test real or fake

We sell Real 100% Diamonds questions welcome 1800marryme

Diamond Buying for Adults and how not to worry:

Coming to the internet for diamond is usually a place of last resort. Let's face it if you had a $25,000.00 for a perfect diamond you would have flown to Harry Wy-nstons on Fifth Avenue and be buying with Madonna and J Lo. Whenever I buy something on the internet I worry and the main things I worry about are: How do you know it's real? How do I know I am being told the truth? How do I know I am getting what I am told?

That being said it amazes us that people either think diamonds can be bought for pennies and still get a great value or that people will pay higher prices for an item they do not understand. However, of course the internet is filled with self proclaimed diamond experts after reading about the 4 c's of a diamond they truly believe there is a difference. They are rocks, rocks from earth, none are perfect and in the rarest of cases that one is it cost 1000% more. My expert observation after analyzing and examing actual stones from many of the listings is that yes the majority are real genuine diamonds (yes we are saying even our competitors sell real diamonds) it is not possible in the year 2007 to send a fake diamond to anyone no seller wants bad feedback, chargebacks, problems and things like that none even my competition want any problems like that.

Our observations are that internet buyers do not know the difference between the 4C's of a diamond to the Bedtime Stories of The Three Bears in the woods. However, they love to talk about table depth, and cutlet and brilliance and quality yet what they never understand about diamonds is they are rocks and all these small details are created by the diamond industry years ago to get you to spend more money. IF you seek a nice, real diamond the ineternet is a great alternative if you can find an honest seller who will tell you this information. I feel telling my customers straight out that they do not know what they are buying no matter how many articles they have read, or even if they have bought diamonds before. They have not handled hundreds or thousands of diamonds to be a true expert so leave that up to a seller who sells one thing not everything...a diamond seller

How to know if your diamond is Real or Moissanite or CZ - Easy basic test!!!
The fastest and easiest way to tell if you have received a real diamond is simple. Take the diamond put the flat top part flush with a piece of newspaper. Your diamond should look like this on the piece of paper ^ flat side down . Then try to read the print from the newspaper if it is still clear and you can see through it straight like glass you have a fake diamond. If at most you see a blur looking down on it you have a real diamond (again this is a fast test).
Let me simply start by saying Diamonds are not falling off of trees. If you are seeking a real genuine diamond would you expect to go into a jewlers shop and expect him to say "I am so glad you are present today to buy" and just for that I am taking 70% off the price! That would not be posssible. Allow me to share with you how so many internet sellers are often pulling the wool over either your eyes or your eyes are closed to the obvious.

Diamonds are one of the most controlled Industries in the World. Perhaps you have seen or heard of the Film Blood Diamonds. The Industry is controlled from the moment the diamond is mined from the moment it is exported into the United States. Did you know that Diamonds are closely watched also as Homeland Security worries about where the funding of these small transportable items are going even I often have problems with Credit Card transfers due to this!
Clarity Enhanced Diamonds does it matter?

Yes and No...if you want a real diamond enhanced or non enhanced BOTH ARE REAL DIAMONDS from planet earth, the ground, real. Even if the stone is enhanced by a process called Clarity Enhancement. The majority the stones I have observed on itnernet are Clarity Enhanced (just as going to a dermatoligist if you have a zit it is removed with a lazer. This is an over simplistic example of how it is done however even a J colored diamond of reasonably good quality is going to start with a wholesaler price of $2500to $4500 per carat price H color. The untrained person can not tell if a diamond has been enhanced, however if you are a jeweler please do not buy from me. Too often, Jewelers do not disclose to the public that the treatment has occured and sell the diamonds at 200-300% again if you are a Jeweler we ask you not purchase from us. We prefer to sell to the public on my own direct, stating the facts up front. We do best with buyers who simply want a nice, real diamond and would like to save literally several thousand dollars. IF you do not want a treated diamond please contact me or go through my listings for example we have 2 CTs that range $9000-$15000 if that is your budget?

If you are think buying from a woman in Helena Montana has access to direct pricing wewould be amazed at her incredible access to diamonds in Montana?
How do sellers still sell for less?

The secret is simple a variety of variables go into selling diamonds the 4 C's Clarity, Color, Cut, Carat Weight. Now simply by embelishing any of the above areas makes it possible for the seller to gain more favorism in any area. An example would be a listing showing a F color diamond that is actually a J lets face it your no diamond expert and without knowing your internet doctorate in grading diamonds won't be accurate, or your local jeweler who handles one diamond a week or sells one a week generally does not know and if he does as soon as you say the internet he will instantly show you his great selection and tell you to send the internet diamond back and you will worry and do it and even pay him more becuase your friend Joe Smith said he is a great dealer. The issue is actually nobody can truly state what the color is because every appraiser can look at it from a personal vantage point when giving an appraisal. Therefore I suggest always gaging 1-2 grades below what is stated unless you feel you are truly working with a reputable seller or have GIA/EGL appraisal there is more to all that but for now it gives you a basis or at minimum make sure it comes with an appraisal from someone with a name and phone number who has at least an American Gemologist Certificate hanging at their location (even most local jewelers do not have that). Keep in mind appraisals are for replacement value. Nobody is going to make money buying a diamond and trying to resell it locally.

Seek out straight forward sellers, that DO NOT promise you the stars up above, but reality here on internet This way you will always get more than you expected - Feel free to contact me with quesions 212.265.1915