Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cheap Diamond Engagement Rings

Real 100% Diamonds

Real Diamonds, Hand Cut and enhanced. Real Diamonds From Planet Earth that have simply been cleaned up with a laser or pressurized with 4000 lbs of pressure per Square Inch to inject optical properties into the diamond to minimize any natural occuring imperfections. Lasers are used on human eye surgery, dermotology procedures and now real diamonds. This is our secret to our providing you real diamonds at an affordable price. All diamonds guaranteed and include an independant gia appraisal (replacement value two - four times cost).
Diamond Basics the 4 C's

The Cut gives a diamond its final aesthetic shape. The most common diamond cut is "round." Other cuts include marquise, princess, emerald, heart, oval, pear , baguette, radiant, cushion, and more!

Whether a diamond has natural "inclusions" (or blemishes) - and to what extent - is represented in a diamonds "Clarity." Carbon spots and crystalline cloudiness (either or both of which are seen in virtually every diamond) are considered natural characteristics of the diamond, or inclusions. General Public general enjoys si1 Diamonds (Slightly Included 1x) means 99.98 % Eye Clean very nice.*

Clarity Scale
IF - Internally flawless (rare and more expensive, less than 0.001% of all available diamonds in the world!)
VVS1-VVS2 - Very, very slightly included (inclusions very difficult to see under 10 times magnification)
VS1-VS2 - Very slightly included (inclusions difficult to see under 10 times magnification)
*SI1/SI2/SI3 - Slightly included (inclusions easy to see under magnification) Generally 99.98% Eye Clean * Most Popular to General Public
I1/I2/I3 - Included (can be seen without magnification)


D - I is near colorless

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